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We're sorry to announce that we've had to cancel our broadcasts of Creature Features. Some issues came up that we're unable to solve in time for broadcast. We hope to resolve this in the near future. Or at least bring you some other wonderful surprise. Please accept our apologies.

Race Track Ad

Who advertises their horrible horror films at a horse track? Northbay TV, that's who!



Now that we've upgraded our live stream system, you can enjoy Northbay TV from anywhere in the world. Download our app from

Our live stream will be a bit sketchy for this week during the day as we upgrade that part of our system. But once it's done, you should see a significant improvement in picture quality. AND we'll be be moving from 720p to 1080p for those of you watching our stream on big screens.



Now on Northbay TV: an all-new episode of our original series, Fandom Workshop. Don't miss it!